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Cristal & Jacqueline


Sweet Sisters was created by two sisters who have a passion for creating unique and special treats. Our company started in 2020 during the pandemic. We specialize in chocolate covered strawberries but also offer all kinds of chocolate covered treats! What started as a way for us to bond and create together has now turned into such a beautiful business based off of sisterhood. From other ladies in business to our amazing customers & of course our friends/family. The amount of support we have received from so many strong, beautiful, kind women has truly inspired us.

We hope than within our business we are able to continue growing this sense of "sisterhood" that goes beyond the 2 of us and of course continue providing you all with our sweet treats!

In addition to our custom orders, we have now expanded into offering full luxurious dessert table setups for your next event! 


Hi, my name is Cristal. I am the owner & Founder of Sister Sweets. I love all things in the beauty world and have also worked with children all my life. I also own a party rental/decorating business called Custom Party Creations.

My favorite thing when creating orders is THEMES! I'm meticulous and love all the small details in a custom order!


Hi, my name is Jacqueline I am the co-owner of Sister Sweets. I am also a gymnastics coach/teacher and love working with children.

I love art, my favorite thing to do when creating an order is to be able to draw on the actual treats and create that WOW factor!

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